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Gawain Godwin

Gawain Godwin

Gawain Godwin is a painter and printmaker, who is interested in the exploration of alternative or imagined worlds. Focusing on ideas of decay, regrowth, conflict and resolution, to produce unexpectedly positive, fragmented outcomes. 

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Gawain Godwin's paintings and coloured drawings suggest the sort of landscapes that drift into your consciousness between sleeping and waking. 

The strong sense you get of the painter's hand throws you directly into his visual imagination, softly coloured and airy but with moments of sharpness and humour, biomorphic shapes bulge and extend upwards and sideways, suggesting fullness and fruitfulness. 

Rounded forms that could be trees, sinous verticals that could be stalks or trunks, swirl around the canvases in a relaxed fashion. 

It is almost as though you are looking into a tank of slowly mutating aquatic beings that drift towards you, only to warp and melt away, leaving a trace of residual colour in their wake. 

Words by Stephanie Douet