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George Wark

George Wark

Lower Gallery

George Wark is studying at Norwich University of the Arts. His work is influenced by the Optical Art movement of the 1960’s. Creating visual responses in the eye of the viewer has always been an appealing idea to George. Using a simple medium like black masking tape allows him to concentrate his efforts on manipulating the space and creating transfixing visual illusions.


1st January to 30th June



Paperjam is a collaborative photography exhibition, presented as black and white photocopies.

The aim is to create a playful sense of community, with a lo-fi punk aesthetic. 

Photos are on display in the bar, playroom and upper gallery.

Including photos from:

Alanna Baker
Alex Yates
Alfie Maddison
Anna Robey

Camille Davila
Clive Baker
Ed Maddison
Emma Smith
Eren Cetin
Gawain Godwin
Henry Cross
Henry Jones
Holly Farndell
James Fisher
Joanna Millington
Joe Baker
Joel Fairweather
Jonathan Bundock
Jordan Hardy
Kate Hook
Maria Jones
Ricky Xu
Sophie Jenkins
Tom Barrett
Tom Waterfall
Tristan Holden  

1st June to 30th June