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Natyapriya presents


  • Sat 8th Sep - 7:30pm
  • 75 minutes straight
  • £10 / £8 concessions (+£1.50 per transaction when tickets posted)


When the Demon King Hiranya declares himself to be God, and forbids his citizens to worship the benevolent Protector Vishnu, he sets off a train of events that would ultimately lead to his death and destruction.

His own son Prahald, turns out to be the most staunch Vishnu devotee of all time! Through trials of fire, being trampled by elephants, and surviving a pit of venomous snakes, the devout little prince shows that love and devotion can conquer all evil!

The Natyapriya Dance Company bring this amazing story to life, with vibrant dancing, beautiful music, sumptuous costumes and dramatic storytelling.




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